Epicor ERP Optimisation

You have experienced significant growth or change. Your current processes are no longer giving you the results you need. Improvements in ERP technology from which you could benefit are not available to your business. This is the time to contact us.

We are experts in business process transformation. Taking a value-add approach, we analyse your ERP and general business processes to identify those that are critical to business success and create the biggest opportunity for cost reduction or revenue generation.

Using kaizen methods, we focus on these processes first and create a plan that will rapidly show change and improvement. The success of these changes, create positive feedback and enourages the team to continue with further improvement projects. Improved efficiencies reduce current workload, permitting team resources to commit to further improvements.

We have used Inetora’s services for a number of years to help improve our use of Epicor. Their input has been key to expanding our use of Epicor functionality and improve
our customer service

Peter Stern, Electropar, CFO

Talk to us about your business challenge and we will get the ball rolling. Simply fill in the contact form or use our Contact us section for altenative ways to get in touch with us. 

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