Whether you call it Business Analytics or KPI’s, what every business needs to know is, how well are we doing? This is an easy question, but often the answer is not. We have seen performance measurements that provide locally optimised efficiencies but lead to business wide sub optimal results.

Having the right measurements is the first step. We provide Performance Management Workshops to help your teams develop meaningful measurements that make sense to them and deliver results that contribute to the overall business goal. These workshops are conducted from operational team level through to senior management level. With your teams contributing and owning meangiful measurements, the business works effectively toward a common goal.

Performance Management Software

Now you need to visualise these measurements in an easy to use, easy to adapt and clearly understood business analysis tool that is fully integrated with your Epicor ERP system.

We implement and train you in the use of Phocas, a Data Analytics software that is fully integrated with Epicor ERP. It is focused for manufacturing and distribution companies across a broad industry spectrum. With Phocas and your optimised performance measurements, real time information that tells you how your business is doing is at your fingertips.  Discovering more opportunities, increasing your sales and decreasing your costs can now be visualised.

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